Nike To Launch New Modest Swimwear Line Together with A Swim Hijab


TSR Fashion: Nike is doing everything in the name of inclusion and we're here for it! Nike plans to discontinue the Victory Swim collection in the new year. It will include a full-length swimsuit and a swim hijab.

The new line will be available at selected retailers and online retailers worldwide, CNN reports on February 1st.

Equip more women with groundbreaking innovations to do sports, "Nike said in a statement.

The fabric is lightweight, breathable and quickly dries on Nike, according to UPF40 + sunscreen.

The full-length swimsuit is available with a separate hijab, a tunic top and floppy leggings.

The New Swim Options According to Nike's release of a perf orm hijab for Muslim female athletes in 2017 featuring a one-ply overcoat of lightweight polyester. The hijab is available in dark, neutral colors with tiny holes that make the fabric breathable and opaque.

Nike said that he started developing the hijab after some Muslim athletes complained that they were wearing a traditional headscarf in competition.

"I was thrilled and a bit emotional when I saw Nike designing a hijab," said Emirates figure skater Zahra Lari in a statement. "I've tried so many different hijabs for the show and … so few of them actually work for me, but when I put it on and did a lap on the ice, I was blown away by the fit and light weight."

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