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There's a new doctor in town and she's in this season of "New Amsterdam" with Dr. Ing. Sharpe at the top. The actress Ana Villafañe is cooking with the new Dr. Ing. Valentina Castro.

Ana Villafañe took on the role of Dr. Wilson from the Broadway stage to the OP. Valentina Castro, the newest oncologist of the second season of New Amsterdam. Of course, the fans were wary of Castro and what their presence would mean to Max ( Ryan Eggold ) and the rest of the gang, but the doctor we saw the newcomer with is the one with whom she worked Dr. Helen Sharpe ( Freema Agyeman ). "People are very uncertain, but look, my character is very dedicated and very self-confident and knows exactly what she wants. It's also there for the common good, which is difficult because Dr. Sharpe is so individual, "Ana explained in an EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife.com. "Sharpe already has such a good relationship with her patients and Castro comes in and she's a little bit more at science, people are definitely put off by her, but I think she's wild and she knows what she wants and she is smart, and I love that. "

She added, "This is one thing I find very persistent right now: I want to play these smart women who have these incredible stories and can just be wild." Ana took a break to travel, After she made her Broadway debut as Gloria Estefan in On Your Feet! Ana reminded us that both women are working toward a common goal and "there is nothing more powerful than female cooperation".

"We are both co-chair of the department, two people who are empathetic and strive to serve the patient and the people and improve their lives," she said. "I think there's more power to focus more on that than on the 'I want to beat you, what you're doing.' That will never be helpful or healthy in real life and in the media."

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Ana recalled collaborating with Lucy Liu in episode 11 of this season, and Charlie's Angels star sought to ensure that Sharpe and Castro's body language do so despite bumping heads communicated worked together. "She said that we should make sure that our pace is always together and that with these long shots in the corridor, you do not catch up with each other – to make sure we go together, even if we say something that is a bit combative "Going together sets the tone in which we still work together." Ana said, "Our goal is still the same, even if we do not see on an equal footing, which is especially powerful for women."


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