Motorola will get chilly ft, delays $1,500 Razr foldable days earlier than launch


  • The new Moto Razr.


  • When open, you get a 6.2-inch folding display.


  • When closed, you get a smaller 2.7-inch display for notifications and music control.


  • The display is big.


  • In this live image from Verizon you can see a small ripple in the display.

  • The display in real life. Still a bit wavy.

  • There's a Retro Razr mode that emulates the old Razr operating system and keyboard.

  • Here is the selfie mode, which uses the main camera as it is a flip phone.

  • The front display in music mode.

  • The inner. You can see that the navigation bar is huge because it has to be a rectangle and the bottom curve in the display has to be avoided.


  • The bottom has a USB-C connector and a speaker grille.


  • When open, the part of the phone that is not attached to the chin is 6.9 mm thick.


  • A 2018 Motorola patent showing the display in a folded phone. Note that the display is a large loop and not a hard fold.

  • There is space for the display in the phone because the hinge mechanism (502 and 506) is not located behind it, but on the left and right of the display.

  • Motorola's official recording of the closed display. It's a loop!

  • The display supports folding in while opening.

  • Everything flattened.

  • Here you can see how this translates into a real design. The hinge mechanism is located next to – not behind – the display and therefore protrudes somewhat from the phone.

  • The back of the phone also looks very simple because it is an empty case with the display in it.

  • The FCC Moto Razr photos. Even with pictures from third-party providers, this phone has no display folds. Be careful to enlarge!

  • Another photo of the flawless display.

  • A photo from behind.

The $ 1,500 foldable Moto Razr was announced in November and quickly became one of the most eye-catching and widely discussed smartphones in the recent past. Motorola combined the nostalgic design of one of the most iconic flip phones ever with the novel foldable display technology and a wild new hinge design that doesn't wrinkle the display. Honestly, it seemed like a real winner.

But now, six days before pre-orders begin, Motorola has suddenly delayed the device. The Verge has a copy of Motorola's statement, which reads:

Since its November announcement, the new Motorola Razr has garnered unprecedented excitement and interest from consumers. Demand was high and, as a result, has quickly outgrown supply forecasts.

Motorola has decided to adjust razr's pre-sale and launch dates to better meet consumer demand. We are working to determine the appropriate quantity and schedule to ensure that more consumers have access to Razr at launch.

We do not expect a significant shift from our original availability time.

Pre-orders for the new Razr should begin on December 26th with an official start date on January 9th, 2020. Motorola claims the delay is not "significant", but there is no official start date at all. It is hard to imagine how an "insignificant" delay would help the company with equity issues. Usually, companies agree to sell popular products.

Between the Samsung Galaxy Fold, Huawei Mate X and Moto Razr there are now three to three with foldable delays for smartphones. Any other company trying to build these foldable devices has significant manufacturing and durability issues. Samsung sent the Galaxy Fold to the reviewers and had to delay the start after devastating early impressions and several dead screens and spent the next five months refurbishing the device. As a result of the delays in the Galaxy Fold and the US export ban, the Huawei Mate X was also delayed by five months and revised from the original design. Motorola does not come out and says there are problems making the new Razr, but given the problems everyone else was having, it is difficult not to draw this conclusion from this delay.

As already mentioned, the Moto Razr no longer has a start date or pre-order date. We'll keep you up to date.

Listing image from Motorola


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