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Make no mistake, MORTEN was one of the largest breakout stars of the year 2019. The Danish DJ / producer crowns things with an annual mix of still unreleased music.

MORTEN (real name Morten Breum) also took the time to deal with a handful of topics using EDM. com. Read on after setting the year-end mix and read what it has to say.

trendzhq: What should you think about most when planning a release campaign?

Three important things are hype, awareness, and timing.

Hype engages your audience by promoting your song through your or other channels before it is released. Awareness ensures that your audience knows you are releasing a new song and takes you on the journey. It is important that your audience feels that they have discovered the song at an early stage. This way, you will feel connected to your song before it is released.
Timing is what time of year you publish, what major electronic music events take place and what else you publish, before and after and where. Typically, Ultra Music Festival and Tomorrowland are good places to debut electronic music.

What do you think of when you select tracks for a mix? Are you trying to curate for a specific topic, are you trying to create a story?

I try to mix the two. I like taking people on a trip and introducing them to different types of music and giving them something fresh. I personally love it when a mix has different levels and there is movement in the mix without everything being one big mashup.

What is your preferred way of switching between genres during your sets?

I rarely leave the range of 120 to 130 bpm. I let EDM be inspired by the underground. I don't play psytrance or hip hop at 170 bpm, so most of my transitions are traditionally mixed. I like clean traditions that encourage excitement or create space for tracks to "breathe".

What process did you go through when trying to choose your favorite artist of the year and how did you make the decision?

I like it when artists bring something new to the scene. It can be something from the past, a new sound or a new culture.

Usually test your new tracks in live performances and mixes before an official release. What do you want to learn from it?

Yes, always. I play 5-10 new unreleased records every time, so when I go on stage it is so important for me to feel the crowd's reaction, return to the studio and make corrections. The crowd is the best A & R.

Who is your favorite artist from 2019?

Honestly, there is no artist who was my favorite, but I like the sounds that [1 9459004] Artbat used, Camelphat do a lot of cool things made and think it's interesting to change UMEK & # 39; s sound a bit.

When you hear the term "guilt," what's the first thing that comes to mind?

Good food and my Juul pen. I will stop here in the new year.

Do you think that mixes represent an artist better than single records? Why or why not?

Maybe, but definitely not in my case. It is very difficult for me to make a mix that defines my sound and me as an artist. The reason for this is very simple: the sound I am doing with David Guetta is just not out there enough, so there are not enough tracks in this genre to do a whole mix – it unless I play in all of our unpublished records, which I obviously can't do. So I have to compromise – or get better – to release music faster.

This interview was edited and condensed for clarity.


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