Moniece Slaughter Slams Fizz’s Claims That He And Omarion Had been By no means Buddies—“My BD Simply Be Tellin’ Lie After Lie”


#Roommates, though the current season of "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood" is finally over – The reunion has just begun. In the first part, which aired earlier this week, Fizz claimed that he and his B2K group member Omarion were never friends. This led to significant setbacks for both J-Boog and Fizz's baby-mother Moniece Slaughter, both claiming that they are very far from the truth. Fans of "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood" get the opportunity to deal with the situation that is going on. Many fans were completely confused when Fizz repeatedly stated that he and Omarion were not friends at all and were simply "employees".

After J-Boog quickly stopped commenting, his ex-Moniece took Slaughter to social media to tell her truth about the couple's relationship in a long post on their Instagram stories.

Her partial message read:

"My BD just has to tell a lie for a lie. Omarion was at my son's 4th or 5th birthday party. During his FRIENDSHIP with Omarion he pushed Boog completely into the background. These guys were friends. My son called Omarion then and today as Uncle O. "

If you were a B2K fan at the time, you will remember that all members have referred to themselves as" brothers "in numerous interviews. – So the claims of Moniece and J-Boog seem very accurate. As for the relationship between Fizz and Apryl in the second part of the reunification, it probably gets even more chaotic.

Roommate, how do you feel about it?

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