Melyssa Ford Says How The Sport’s ‘Wouldn’t Get Far’ Negatively Affected Her Profession: ‘No One Is Remembered From That Tune Besides Me’


Listen, Melyssa Ford wants her name respected , She might be known for her video vixen years, but that doesn't mean she did video vixen stuff out there, according to her.

Regardless of the reputation she has gained over the years, Melyssa decided to clear the air with Claudia Jordan on "Out Loud" and talk about how the song "Would be far ”had a negative impact on her career.

“He names like 20 girls. Nobody but me is remembered from this song in 2006, ”said Melyssa. "This song destroyed my relationship because people talked about me. The book just confirmed that I am a whore. “

See how Melyssa Ford speaks her truth below:

She also made it clear what Melyssa Ford never had in a Honda deal and she said that she actually drove around in a champagne-colored Mercedes-Benz 550 during that time.

In short, there could be some embellishments made into a song, but Melyssa Ford wants people to know that the lyrics aren't always truthful, even if there are a few lines are memorable, and she says this is definitely the case for The Game.

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