Meek Mill, Michael Rubin & The Reform Alliance Workforce Deal with Dozens Of Children To A Procuring Spree And Patriots Sport For The Vacation Season


Aside from Christmas, many people use this time of year to give something back to the community. Meek Mill, Michael Rubin and the Reform Alliance team did their part by giving a group of happy children a shopping spree.

According to CBS Philly, more than 50 children were selected for a VIP on Saturday shopping in the NBA store and then a trip to Gillette Stadium to watch the New England Patriots play. The children who took the trip were children from Philadelphia, Brooklyn, Harlem and New Jersey. Everyone has been influenced by the judiciary.

Michael Rubin tweeted about the experience and said: “ It's amazing when all athletes get together for something even bigger! I really enjoyed shopping in @nbastore for children who sent one of their parents to prison for technical violations (that is, they did NOT commit any crime) !! ”

These are the same unjust probation laws that @reform has been working hard to change! The reform founders @meekmill and Clara Wu Tsai @brooklynnets as well as @djkhaled and @CarisLeVert made every effort to make the day truly unforgettable !!!

– Michael Rubin (@MichaelGRubin) December 21, 2019

Meek Mill, Michael Rubin and Clara Wu Tsai, who are all co-founders of the Reform Alliance, started the amazing experience at the NBA store in Manhattan where they were greeted by DJ Khaled and Brooklyn Nets player Caris LeVert. It was then agreed that the children would fly to New England on the Patriots charter plane for the football game Patriots and Bills.

After shopping, Meek Mill traveled to his hometown Philadelphia for his second annual giveaway, where more than 3,500 children were able to choose gifts.

A warm welcome from @MeekMill to dozens of children who were invited to the shopping spree just in time for Christmas. All invited children have parents who are affected by the judicial system and detention. @ 6abc @REFORM @MichaelGRubin[19459002[19459001[—SharrieWilliams(@WilliamsSharrie)21December2019

REFORM is proud of our board chairs to help the children of parents who are in the Justice caught. #FightDifferent[19459002[19459001[—REFORMAlliance(@REFORM)21December2019

Source : https: // philadelphia.cbslocal / 2019/12/21 / meek-mill-michael-rubin-reform-vip-experience / [19459002

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