Mathew Knowles Has A Shady Reminiscence Lapse When It Comes To Understanding Who Ex Future’s Baby Member Farrah Franklin Is


Chile, Mathew Knowles is back. Mathew Knowles is back. Less than 48 hours after making shocking allegations against two members of the Raged Group Jagged Edge who were allegedly unsuitable for Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland when they were minors, he casts some shadow over earlier Destiny. s Child member Farrah Franklin.

In the second part of his session interview with VLAD TV, the former manager of Destiny's Child, Mathew Knowles, decided to pour a cup of tea over Farrah Franklin and cast more than a shade when he claimed he did not to know.

During the interview, Mathew was asked about Farrah and repeatedly replied, "Who? Who? "Before she immersed herself in her extremely dramatic exit from the group after just a few months. He claimed that it was Farrah's decision to leave, and that the brewery tensions within the group and their alleged sneaking into nightclubs were just some of the reasons they left the group with him, claiming that Mathew was hers jumped in the face and become loud on one occasion. Mathew responded, explaining that her claims were ridiculous and that it made no sense to leave behind $ 50 million because someone became loud with them.

If you're wondering why Mathew is so vocal these days, it's because he has a pending handbook in the works that seems to reveal all the details about his time in the music industry.

Roommate, how do you feel about it?

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