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Mariah Carey became very open during her Throw It Back interview with Billboard and shared her surprising first thoughts about her classic Christmas music!

It's not Christmas with Mariah Carey & # 39; s hit "All I Want For Christmas Is You" and the singer took a look back at her song from the 90s! "It's so festive," Mariah said listening to and watching the song's music video. "You can't say it's not festive." As her lips synchronized with the melody, Mariah admitted that there were some elements of the hit that she wasn't particularly fond of. "I don't love every shot in this video," she admitted. Some fans didn't know there were other traits that Mariah didn't like at first! In addition to the video, the Grammy winner also participated in an interview with Billboard Magazine, stating, "Originally, I would just choose" All I want for Christmas is you. "Not about the song itself but via the voice: Why didn't I fix it? Why didn't I do it? "Mariah even frankly admitted that elements of the song" would irritate me ".

Over the years, however, she has completely changed her melody when it comes to the song! "Now I just live with it and love it." But of course there is much more to love than the video! Mariah continued to share in the video: "It is the first Christmas carol I have ever written and it makes me happy every year." For Mariah the song renews how special it really is with each new Christmas season. "When people tell me that I am part of their holiday celebration and that I am part of their holiday memories … when I meet small children and they sing the song to me and they are around four years old – it is the most incredible feeling that ever existed! "

While Mariah found more than a little annoyed with her other songs and admitted that she would not pick elements out throughout her career, it is clear that "All I Want For Christmas Is You" holds a special place has her heart. And she proved it again this year! On November 1st, just a few hours after Halloween, Mariah posted the best video on her Twitter page to herald the Christmas season. On time at 00:01, Mariah released her first video, in which the singer falls asleep in her bed while she is still in her sexy rock star Halloween costume.

The camera zoomed in on her cell phone and recorded the time that elapsed between October 31st at 11:59 pm and November 1st at 12:00 noon. As soon as the clock turned, Mariah received a call from none other than Kris Kringle herself! "Santa?" Said Mariah as she answered the call in full Christmas pajamas before saying, "It's time!" And soon her unforgettable melody started to play! Now that the holidays are in full swing, we can't wait to hear Mariah's hit on our holiday playlist!


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