Man Buys Apple Watch, Will get Despatched A Rest room Plunger As an alternative


Black Friday was last week, which meant there were lots of great deals out there. A man named John Browne believed this when he came across an Amazon deal for the Apple Watch Series 4, which gave him a £ 100 discount off the original price and only paid £ 299 for it.

However, when the package arrived and Browne tried to present his purchase to his friends and colleagues, he opened the package and found that a flask had been sent to him instead. According to Browne, it was a pre-Christmas treat for me, and I've long wanted one. I waited specifically for Black Friday and had it delivered to me at work. I went down to pick it up at the front desk and opened it in front of the staff and they started howling with laughter. “

It is unclear how this confusion came about, especially when you consider that it was bought directly from Amazon. Browne later contacted the company, where he received a refund after "several hours" of customer service, but for £ 289 instead of the full £ 299 that gave him the £ 10 difference in the form of an Amazon voucher.

He claims that when he tried to reorder the watch, it was classified as sold out, so he apparently couldn't get it.

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