Lizzo Claps Again At Troll Over Weight problems Tweet – trendzhq


Lizzo had some strong words for this troll and reminded her that she was writing her own music – including the hits "Good As Hell" and "Truth Hurts"!

Lizzo 31, has no time for Twitter trolls – especially one who claims she is popular only for absurd reasons. "#Lizzo is popular because of an obesity epidemic in America," one user wrote on December 20. As if that wasn't enough, he had more to say. “Instead of encouraging people to do better, we just lie to them and tell them that they are as good as they are. Unfortunately, many of these people die from diabetes and heart disease, ”the shocking tweet continues.

The singer, who has just been nominated for eight Grammy Awards, has had an epic setback for the user and we feel "Good As Hell" if we just read it! "I am popular because I write good songs and I am talented and perform energetic, one-and-a-half hour shows full of love," she joked, pointing out that her rise to the star has little to do with her looks and anything with her talent! “The only person who has to do better is you. Let my name out of your mouth and look in the mirror before you get me. Here is the attention that you ordered, "she continued. Then, out of pleasure, she added," Here is the attention that you ordered. "Whoops!

The tweets come just days after Lizzo's debut on Saturday Night Live, along with host Eddie Murphy who returned to the stage after 35 years of absence. The 31-year-old opened with "Truth Hurts" and turned the stage to a well-dressed Gucci party to top it off with her live reproduction of "Good As Hell". and we couldn't get over their legendary twerking skills. The memorable performance was almost non-existent, as the singer had canceled two shows only days before due to the flu. We are so happy that she bounced back because her appearance was absolutely epic!

Just say Some time ago, Time & # 39; s Entertainer of the Year once again thrilled her fans with a look back at herself, disguised as a statue of liberty and working for a tax authority. "On the left, I worked as a spinner for taxes on liberty …" You wrote and added a second picture of herself as Lady Liberty for an SNL promo picture. On the right is my @ nbcsnl debut, "she added.


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