Leaked photos of recent Samsung foldable surfaces: It’s a flip cellphone


  • The new foldable Samsung phone. There is no logo, but you can clearly see that this is the Samsung Skin.

  • It's a shame we can't see the hinge mechanism here, but it works.

  • In the lower left corner you can see the raised bezel, just like the Galaxy Fold.

  • When closed, there is a screen on the outside. It looks like it's pretty small. On the right side you will see the volume rocker. Is that a fingerprint reader on the side above it? You can also see the "back" of the hinge on the top of the phone.

  • The phone open.

We know that Samsung planned additional foldable form factors after the Galaxy Fold, and it looks like one of them has appeared on Chinese social media. The pictures show a Samsung phone about the size and shape of a Galaxy S10, but it can be halved like a flip phone. This would be Samsung's answer to the 2020 Moto Razr.

There is actually no Samsung logo on the pictures, but the device uses Samsung's Android skin with Samsung symbols, Samsung Pay, Samsung's navigation buttons and a pinhole design that is centered at the top of the display, just like the latest devices from Samsung.

The inner bezel seems to have the same treatment as the Galaxy Fold. While normal slab smartphones are completely covered in glass and the front panel is only the edges of the display, the front panel of the fold (and apparently also on this device) is a physical piece of plastic that is located above the display. A picture shows that the bezel, like the fold, protrudes a little above the display, so you can close the phone without the display touching itself. The physical plastic cover also serves to cover the circumference of the display and to keep dust, fingers and everything else away, so as not to get behind the sensitive, flexible display. On the Galaxy Fold with its huge 7.3-inch display, the frames don't look too inappropriate. However, this full-size smartphone is the same size and is much larger than the usual smartphone bezels on this smaller device.

While most smartphones had a built-in fingerprint reader in 2019, this was not the case with the Galaxy Fold. Instead, Samsung opted for a side-mounted fingerprint reader. We don't see the right side of the device clearly, but on the picture showing the front display, you can see what a volume rocker and an on / off switch look like. However, the on / off switch does not protrude as far as the volume rocker. This corresponds to the appearance of another side-mounted fingerprint reader: they are wide, flat, touch-sensitive areas that do not protrude as much as normal keys. Of course, this is a pre-release version of the software, but no fingerprint reader icon appears on the lock screen. This is further evidence of the side-mounted fingerprint reader option. There are also likely to be a number of conflicts with on-screen fingerprint reader technology and the flexible, pliable, moving display.

The phone folds up into a cute little square and we can see a kind of display on the cover, along with two cameras and the main "rear" cameras when the phone is open. We can't be quite sure how big the cover display is, but it looks small. Only the time, date and battery level are shown on the image, and there is enough light to see the shape of the display. The glow around the letters only seems to be as big as the camera array.

The 2020 Moto Razr impressed us with its unusual hinge design, which allowed the phone to be folded up but did not crease the display. We don't get a clear picture of the display mechanism here, but there is evidence that it resembles the Galaxy Fold. The closed picture shows the spine of the hinge that protrudes from the top of the device. This is exactly what the Galaxy Fold hinge looks like. We can't see a kink in any of the pictures, but the pictures are quite blurry and it is possible that the phone was not closed and folded at the time of these pictures.

Finally we have the bottom where we can see a bottom firing speaker, a USB-C connector and no headphone jack. The Galaxy Fold was announced along with the Galaxy S10, so this foldable may receive a similar announcement alongside the Galaxy S11, which should be sometime in February.


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