Kodak Black Particulars The Unfair Remedy He Is Receiving Whereas Behind Bars


On Saturday, Kodak Black went to his Instagram account to describe the alleged abuse he received from officials when he was behind bars spent.

He said: “On October 29th, I was laced here in Miami, FDC, with an unknown substance. This substance gave me an out of body experience and made me feel obsessed and slowly dying. Based on this experience, I managed to go to the CO's office to get medical help (as seen on surveillance cameras). I was rejected! That left me in a state of paranoia. “

He continued to say that he was in a fight with another inmate, and when he sought medical help, he was denied again. Kodak claims that the police beat him so badly that he was taken to the box in a wheelchair and spent 45 days there.

He also said: “In the meantime, I am getting into a fight with another inmate and so The policeman jumps in to harm himself and use my status as a local celebrity. “

As we previously reported, Kodak was sentenced to 46 months in prison for arms charges. Shortly afterwards, he was hit with two additional firearm attacks that lasted up to 30 years for each attack. However, there are reports that he wanted to improve himself during his service.

According to reports, he wanted to participate in a prison rehab program and also to graduate from college.

During this time we are sending our prayers to Kodak Black. Read what he had to say below:

TSR PERSONNEL: Jade Ashley @ Jade_Ashley94

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