Kim Kardashian Opens Up About Her Feud With Kourtney, Says ‘It Will get Worse Earlier than It Will get Higher’


Towards the end of the 17th season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim Kardashian and her sister Kourtney got involved because Kourtney kept their love life away from the cameras. Things got so bad that Kim Kourtney wanted to be fired from KUWK because he "sweeps too many borders".

As fans know, these episodes were shot months in advance and were already shot for season 18, which will premiere in 2020. Kim recently shared some details about how everything between her and her big sister is developing when she appears on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Kim surprisingly admitted that the family is making feuds, and the upcoming season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians will show that.

“Kourtney and I just went to Japan together. We really took the time to listen to each other, ”Kim said. "What sucks is that season 18 is coming out soon and it gets worse before it gets better. So she and I healed and talked about everything and really came to an agreement. "

Kim explained that Kourtney likes to be part of KUWK, but she only wants to film if she feels like it. She said if one family member goes on vacation or takes a lot of free time, the other family members have to step in and take over those hours.

The mother of four announced that she and Khloe have been covering for Kourtney for a year because they need content for the show. That made Kim and Khloe very frustrated because they are busy with their children and have a lot to do. Kim says that she and Khloe are exhausted from running their own business while standing up for Kourtney, and their big sister doesn't take that into account.

Kim said Kourtney will not make a decision about what she wants to do about KUWK. And it is in this limbo that it is difficult for Kim and Khloe. Kim says Kourtney has to decide whether or not to stay on the show because it's frustrating to be constantly looking after her.

Kim says they have finally decided that Kourtney will "film a bit". Then she paused and said, "I don't know if we actually have a conclusion. It's in the air."

Although they haven't fully understood things yet, Kim says that she and Kourtney are able to respect each other's space. If someone doesn't want to be on the show, it's okay for everyone in the family to take a mental break.

Kim Kardashian says that she wants everyone in her family to live the life they want.


New episodes of Keeping With the Kardashians become E! in 2020.

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