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The annual KarJenner bash was always hosted by matriarch Kris Jenner until she handed the baton to daughter Kim Kardashian last year. 2019 was the first year Kourtney Kardashian took over the party!

The Kardashian family is so happy that Kourtney Kardashian 40 hosted the family's annual Christmas party this year! "The party is always so much fun, but it's also stressful because it has very high expectations for the night, basically it has to be perfect," reports a source about HollywoodLife EXKLUSIV. “The family was thrilled that Kourtney agreed to host the party because it took the pressure off Kim and Kris. It could definitely have been a drama with so many people and so many people, but everything went very smoothly and was a huge success. Kourtney definitely scored big points with Kim for having such a perfect party. "

Since Kardashian's children were small, the family has held the annual soiree on Christmas Eve, and over the years the event has become a legendary affair! While the evening was always moderated by Kris Jenner 64, Christmas 2018 was a relay presentation with Kim Kardashian 39 and Kanye West 42 and took over at their home. While there was speculation that Kim would host again this year, the family seems to be taking turns when Kourtney finally stepped onto the plate – and brought their A-Game when it came to booking the evening entertainment! "The whole night went so well, people loved Sia so much," added the source. "And with Kanye's choir, Kourtney wanted to celebrate the spirit of Christmas so that the songs would perfectly match her vision for the night."

The party planned by event planner extraordinaire Mindy Weiss was a magical affair based on what we caught on Instagram! The event included portrait photographs of Dennis Gocer (19459004) of The Collective You (19459005) – who shot the bash last year, in addition to Justin Bieber (19459005) and Hailey Baldwin (19459005) from South Carolina (19459005) in September – the KarJenners -Black and white photo booth, lush flowers, Christmas carols, a biscuit bar and more!

The night was of course not without potential drama with several of the sisters who invited their exes to the bash: Kylie Jenner 22 had ex and the 1 year old Stormi s father Travis Scott 28, present, while Khloe Kardashian True's father invited Tristan Thompson . "All the sisters spoke before inviting their exes to the Christmas party because they really weren't sure what to expect with everyone in the same room and they just wanted everyone to have fun," enthused a second insider. “There is a lot of history between Khloe and Tristan and Kylie and Travis, and they wanted this party to be perfect. It was very important for Khloe and Kylie to invite Tristan and Travis, but it is understandable why they may have had mixed feelings because so many emotions are involved. But all of them have mastered co-parenting and all got along wonderfully. “And for Khloe and Kylie, putting their daughters first was a priority over the personal drama. “It was such a nice night for everyone and although some of their relationships hadn't worked out romantically, they all came together for the good of the children. It was really an incredible night and everyone was so happy that it turned out to be just as amazing, ”the insider continued.

Kourtney meanwhile also ensured that Scott Disick's 21-year-old girlfriend Sofia Richie, together with her husband, Younes Bendjima, "The life of the Kardashians is surrounded by dramas almost around the clock that people could have continued the whole drama in one night, on the contrary, "adds a third source. “When someone was on needles, it never showed up because everyone had a great time and behaved very well. Everyone left a hostility somewhere for the night, it was about celebrating Christmas with class and having the whole family happy and healthy. "


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