Keyshia Cole Reveals Who Has Lastly Fulfilled Her Need For Love — Whereas Throwing Her Well-known Ex Below The Bus


Keyshia Cole has been through a lot in her life and she has recently expressed some disappointment with her situation because of the apparent lack of love in her environment.

And while many of her fans quickly reminded her that this wasn't quite the case, it doesn't seem like Keyshia is willing to listen.

On the contrary, she sank deeper into her belief, which worried some of her fans.

That changed recently when Cole declared that she would miss her sons Daniel Jr. and Tobias, and only when she actually had the boys did she realize how much she needed this kind of development around them.

She talked about the love she was looking for while married to estranged husband Daniel Gibson and how his betrayal killed her romance: “I needed it. Oh my god, I would drive myself crazy looking for it. I think God really blessed me with a beautiful baby. This situation didn't work with marriage and trying to make life possible, which was detrimental to me because of my upbringing and what I didn't have, and I just wanted my first child to have it. "


She continued: "I just found that I am not ready to die in a situation where you cannot keep your penis in your pants."

She also praised baby dad Niko Khalé: "I can't! I think I have now found someone who shares my views afterwards and keeps things in our small parts where we need them."

At the moment she is happier than ever and has continued her life quite well and without problems.

Many of Cole's fans discussed their situation online, and some suspect that their claims may contain more than they suspect.

After all, it wouldn't be surprising if Cole actually hid something behind the curtains and had a more exciting situation than most people thought.

Ultimately, that is entirely up to her and it is not the place where someone can delve into her life.

It is important that she at least feels comfortable in public – and if her situation is more than what the public is seeing, she will probably make this known over time.


Keyshia is still evolving.

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