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Answer a very personal question about Kendall Jenner or eat cod-sperm: These were the options of Harry Style in the episode "The Late Show with James Corden" of December 10th. In this way, Harry answered his former flame!

Harry Styles 25, and Kendall Jenner 24, appeared in the episode The Late Late Show with James Corden on December 10, and of course in their Flirty past could not to be ignored when it was time to play Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts. It is James Cork's rough version of "Truth or Dare," and though Harry stood up for the host, the questions were no less awkward! "Which songs on your last album were taken care of?" Kendall asked the One Direction alumni, referring to his self-proclaimed debut album that was released in 2017. Music in an August interview with Rolling Stone – has his escape with Kendall also made the leap from reality to text?

The still-smooth Harry was unusually surprised by Kendall's dull question. "Oh, God," Harry answered immediately, burying his face in his palm. If the singer was not careful, he had to eat cod-sperm! He thought about what he should do before finally saying, "Well, I would say track, um." He fell silent and finally decided to neglect the swimmers of a fish (an ironic twist of fate, considering he was under fish theme) Music video for "Adore You" just dropped on the 6th of December. But that did not happen before Kendall and Harry got involved in a flirting business!

"Do not look at it," Kendall offered, a suggestion that Harry immediately teased, "Oh, yes, that fixes everything." Just do not look at it. "The whole situation was stunned by Harry, who was not anyone shouted, "What are we doing? … What are we doing?" Unfortunately, Harry finally nibbled on the cod-sperm, which prompted him to ask one of the biggest one-liners we've ever heard: "Spit or swallow, that's the question. "

That was an important question, of course, as the singer of "Sign of the Times" and Keeping With The Kardashians star have a piece of history in common. Rumors began in 2014 that the couple was an item after traveling together several times. Until December 2015, Kendall and Harry did not shy away from their rumored relationship after vacationing together in Anguilla in December 2015. Until September 2016, the couple was last seen dining together before things seemed to get out of hand.

Since their split, however, they seem to be friends with each other! Kendall and Harry seemed to feel incredibly well when they met at the Met Gala 2019 in May. Although the meeting on the red carpet gave the fans some hope that the former couple could revive their romance, it looks like the duo will only stay good friends from here.

"They are all really good friends and very cool with each other," said a source close to Harry trendzhq EXCLUSIVE, just after the Met Gala. "They feel more like siblings and will forever be friends, who want to see each other again in the future." Regardless of their relationship status, it was so fun to see them both at a show with a jingle-ball bang before the holidays!


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