Kate Middleton Wore the Wedge-Heel Pattern


Kate Middleton's shoe collection is more than just bare pumps. Black ankle boots, classic sneakers, and block-heeled sandals are all there and will be taken into account, but you probably won't find most of the current controversial shoe trends: flip-flops, chunky sports sandals, and high plateaus to name a few. But there is a controversial shoe trend that actually requires a license, and these are wedge heels (which quickly went out of style in the past).

We've covered the wedge shoe trend a lot lately, especially since celebrities like Sienna Miller and Jennifer Aniston have worn it and everyone seems to have an opinion about it (including the Queen, who is reportedly not a fan of the style). Nevertheless, Middleton chose the classic wedge shoe: espadrilles, which are also popular with French girls. She was wearing bare shoes with a ruffled midi dress for a visit to a children's photo workshop in England. The wedges gave the dress a lot more boho feel than her typical bare pumps would have, and it was perfect for the occasion Markle is also a fan of espadrilles, and Middleton also wore the style to a gardening event in May. Do you see what we mean by licensed? Scroll down the classic yet controversial trend for yourself in the shop.


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