Kandi Burruss Reveals Off Large Cleavage In A Picture With Todd Tucker


Kandi Burruss recently showed a rather massive split in a photo she shared on her social media account. Check out the photo below.

& # 39; Fight Night with Bae @ todd167 His look @Fendi Hers @YSL (boots & bag) @aliceandolivia (jacket) Styled by # NoIGJeremy & # 39;, Kandi has given her photo a title.

Someone said, "Simple and cute big sis. Teach these women that if you're naturally cute, it doesn't take everything. Chocolate 🦄 ’and another follower posted this:‘ Give up the secret! I know black doesn't tear, but you're aging backwards! "

A fan said: "How is it possible that U rocks so many different hairstyles so well? You're Marvellous!!!! # realhotgyal🇯🇲 ’and someone else raved about Kandi:’ Your outfit Kandi is a fly Love the boots, you look good ’

Another follower posted this: "We would like to personalize hair accessories for you, Baby Princess".

Another Instagrammer wrote: "Sweet outfit Kandi – you are always dressed so well. Are you looking for your own clothes? "

Someone else said, "I love you with braids."

Another follower posted this: & # 39; Kandi. I love you. You're just everything on the show. Nice, business-oriented. Thank you for being a light. "

In other news, Kandi told her fans that she released a new video that was about doing business with your other half. Check out the video she made with Todd Tucker below.

"Here's a bit of something to see while you wrap gifts! I decided to do a # KandiAndTodd video about the business and talk about it. Is it a good idea to do business with your other half? What do you think? The video is live on my Youtube #KandiOnline. @ Todd167 ", Kandi signed her contribution.


Kandi is definitely living her best these days, especially since they have taken in a new family member.

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