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Jon Gosselin was seen in a photo with his son Collin for the first time since Thanksgiving! The father-son duo visited a tree farm and even filmed how they dragged their sturdy Christmas tree onto a wheelbarrow.

Teamwork makes dream work! Jon Gosselin 42, and Collin Gosselin 15, had a sweet father-son moment when they visited a fir tree farm to choose the perfect Christmas tree. This wasn't an ordinary Christmas tree – Jon used a saw to chop the future home for his Christmas presents! The friend of the former Jon & Kate Plus 8-star, Colleen Conrad shared a photo of the trip on Instagram on December 15, on which Collin proudly wrapped his arm around his father on her fallen tree. Although the duo is rarely seen on social media, it is even rarer to see them in a video!

Colleen also shared a clip with Jon and Collin, who lifted the fir tree onto a wheelbarrow, which didn't seem to be an easy task. The hard work was worth it, because on the next photo from Colleen's Instagram slideshow the authentic Christmas tree stood beautifully in the living room thanks to its new ornaments and bright lights.

The last time fans saw Jon and Collin on social media, they saw themselves sitting on a plane with Jon. Hannah Gosselin 15. In a November 23 contribution, Jon wrote that the trio had taken a "family vacation" to Saint Croix, one of the US Virgin Islands in the Caribbean. But Jon's four other sextuplets – Alexis, Aaden, Joel and Leah – missed the tropical trip because they live with their mother and Jon's ex-wife Kate Gosselin 44 (Jon and Kate's oldest daughters, 19-year-old twins Cara and Mady are now in college).

Jon worked hard to spend time with Collin, the father says. During his interview on The Dr. Oz Show, which aired on November 18, accused Jon of ex-Kate of "wrongly institutionalizing" her son after sending Collin to the Fairmont Behavioral Health Institute. "She, Kate, institutionalized him without a diagnosis that made a diagnosis … Just because he was a difficult child doesn't mean that he had to be sent away. It took me two years to find him, ”Jon claimed on the show.

The DJ also claimed that Collin had only been diagnosed with ADHD in a separate Interview with DailyMailTV, which was released in September – no other “disease”. Jon finally got full custody of Collin in 2018 and the teenager moved to his father in December of the same year. He joined his sister Hannah, who had already lived with Jon in 2018.


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