Jennifer Lopez Wore a Easy Black Leggings Outfit


After three months of quarantine, nowadays it is difficult for me to find a pair of matching socks, let alone put together a cute outfit. But when it comes to what to wear, leggings are usually my answer. They used to be my first stop for travel, but now I rely on leggings to get through work from home as comfortably as possible. While I'm usually tempted to pull a loose t-shirt over it, Jennifer Lopez has a much sleeker outfit idea.

Lopez (face mask in hand for safety reasons!) Wore a figure-hugging crop top with matching leggings, contrasted with a white bag and sneakers. When in doubt, a black and white outfit always looks chic and is very easy to put together. While I love colorful pieces, especially for summer, there's no denying that black is the best for working out because it hides all of your sweat stains. Scroll down to see how Jennifer Lopez is wearing leggings right now and shop for similar items.


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