Jeezy And Jeannie Mai Present Some Love With Cute Automobile Sing-A-Lengthy


#Roommates, 2019 gave us the debut of rapper Jeezy and Jeannie Mai, the co-presenter of "The Real", as an official couple – and fans just can't get enough. From Jeannie, who talks about Jeezy in her talk show, to the cute videos and photos on social media, these two don't seem to slow down so quickly.

After Jeezy and Jeannie recently spent their first Thanksgiving Day together, May continues to share their love with their fans on all social media. The couple's recent cuteness shows that the couple is having a bit of fun with the help of a car that has it all. In the video posted on Instagram, Jeezy drives Jeannie in the passenger seat while the two ride along to Tevin Campbell's 1994 R&B hit "Can We Talk".

Many fans commented that they were surprised that Jeezy was so funny and carefree because they were used to seeing him much harder. His new behavior is obvious, how someone behaves when he is totally in love. As for Jeannie, she is completely open to her feelings for Jeezy – and has recently admitted that even though she previously said she didn't want her, she is now considering having children.

With Christmas just a few weeks away It will be interesting to see how the couple spends the holidays, although we hope that Jeannie's mother doesn't embarrass her like she did recently. Jeannie said in "The Real" that she was ashamed when her mother called her right in front of Jeezy.

She said this about her mother who called out her PDA:

My Mama Mai family will be the first to call it out. Sometimes he looks at me, just a glance over the table, just something that is meant for [us]. But my mother is the biggest joker. She is the one who says: "I see that you both want to have sex now!" When he was over for dinner, she said: "Shut up!"

Welp, parents definitely know how to spoil the mood.

Roommate, how do you feel about it?

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