Janelle Monae Debuts New Coloured Armpit Hair On Instagram


#Roommates, celebrities keep changing their hair in new and creative ways, but Janelle Monae may have changed the game for everyone. In a new video on social media, Janelle not only proudly shows her armpit hair, but also its fresh, bright orange color.

Christmas is hours away at this point and Janelle Monae is clearly in a festive mood. Holiday mood. She posted a short video on Instagram in which a neon orange bush is rocked out of armpit hair. The new dye works comes from the well-known hairstylist Nikki Nelms, who managed to win another customer before 2019 ended and it was Janelle.

It looks like Nelms and Janelle seem to have decided on the unexpected armpit color at the last minute. Regarding the dyeing process, it is likely that Nelms first used bleach to give the hair such a vibrant orange tone.

In the video of the finished results Janelle published this title:

“What color did @nikkinelms color my pits red, pynk or orange? The winner gets a reward. Even if you have extra color left, additional parts are colored and I love it. “

You may remember that Janelle has been a fan of rocking body hair for a minute now. In the music video for her empowering hymn "PYNK" from 2018, Janelle posed in white underwear and pubic hair that looked out to the side. If you want to try Janelle's underarm color look, be sure to consult a professional, as bleaching can be difficult to use.

Roommate, how do you feel about it?

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