Jack Black Says He’s Not Retiring After Jumanji Sequel – ‘Pretend Information!’


The fans were saddened to hear that after the release of the second Jumanji movie, Jack Black intended to retire from acting! But while the actor was the one who had previously told Balance of his plans to leave Hollywood, he now calls this "false news"!

While talking to Balance earlier this week, Jack pointed out that he wanted to spend more time with his family, so the sequel to Jumanji would be his last movie.

On Thursday, the paparazzi caught up with him and now a video floating around in which Jack says, "I'm not retiring. I do not go anywhere. I'm just starting. "

Well, it turned out that everything was a misunderstanding!

As a first interview, he mentioned: "I have another Tenacious D record that I would like to do, maybe a movie, I like the idea of ​​early retirement."

However, he added, "Not so early. I'm 50, so people seem to be freaking out for no reason!

"I have long said that this is the last movie. We will see. I can not really say what my next one is because it's too early; It is a witch. I still have a few tricks up my sleeve. But not too many. I am looking forward to finishing it soon. Drive in the sunset. I spend far too much time away from home. Maybe I'm doing a TV show here in town so I can work between 9 and 5 and then come home, "the beloved actor explained.

It sounds as though he is not one hundred percent sure of what the future holds for him, hence the confusion of the public.

He also mentioned this in the first interview, to make it clear that nothing is set in stone and that he is not someone who plans ahead years in advance.


The most important thing is that fans do not have to worry – Jack Black is not yet retiring!

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