Issues Acquired Heated Between Swae Lee And His Ex-Boo Marlie Ortiz After She Tried To Bust The Home windows Out Of His Automotive!


Whew chillayyyyyy! Swae Lee and Marlie have been through a lot together, but no matter how often they separate, they keep coming back to each other. Sometimes their reunions turn out to be the worst.

In her latest drama, Marlie is clearly not happy with Swae, for reasons she didn't reveal. But the video surfaced after Sister tried to tear the windows out of one of his cars! In the video you can hear Marlie admitting her attempt when Swae screams that she should disappear from his property.

It is not immediately clear how the situation escalated or what Swae might have done to justify this. Such a reaction from Marlie, but it is obvious that she is crazy as always!

"You look at this bum," she screams in the video. "I tried to jump out of his window, he's a bankruptcy expert." ”

Shortly after the video surfaced, Marlie posted an answer that she didn't mean what she said, and she and Swae are in good shape again. Hopefully it will stay that way because they are always there!

As we previously reported, Marlie was arrested in September for allegedly beating Swae. The police said Swae and Marliesia were arguing in his home and allegedly started throwing objects at him.

His security forces apparently kicked her out, but she returned and hit him with a headbutt. She reportedly called the police and claimed that Swae sexually assaulted her. But when the authorities arrived, she changed her story and admitted that she had started the fight.

She claimed that she started breaking things in his house and beating him – while claiming that Swae strangled her.

What do you think, roomies?

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