I See You, Meryl Streep: Making Flip-Flops Look Stylish


Paparazzi are drawn to certain celebrities like a moth to a flame, while other A-listers are careful not to be in the limelight. Meryl Streep definitely falls into the latter category as it is quite rare for her to be photographed outside of a red carpet or Hollywood event. Fortunately, we can also have our Meryl repaired during quarantine.

Streep was photographed in Los Angeles and swapped the designer clothes we are used to in for the perfect, relaxed summer end outfit. Like a real Angeleno, she wore the simplest shoe trend there is: flip flops. She paired them with a flowing embroidered top and straight-leg jeans. Given that supermodel Cindy Crawford recently wore a strikingly similar outfit, it's safe to say that this combo has been approved by celebs. Scroll down to shop for similar pieces.


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