I Discovered the Greatest Barely There Bikini on Amazon for $19


So something about me: I love Amazon. The fact that I can order anything from coffee filters to T-shirts and land on my doorstep 48 hours later is a nice thing for me. But I have to admit that buying clothes at one of the affordable E-tailer makes me pause. This $ 19 leopard-print bikini gets my name, but it's hard to know what quality I'm getting $ 19 for. Would it fit well or badly, look good or congregate in strange places? I thought about all these things before ordering the following bathing suit.

As the headline says, I am happy to report that I have no remorse from the buyer. I grabbed the bikini for a beach vacation and grabbed my other (much more expensive) swimsuits afterwards. What surprised me most was the fit – the straps were perfectly thin to minimize my tan wrinkles, and unlike most triangle bikinis that have a halterneck band, this one closes in the back more like a bra, so that the straps lie evenly, as I much prefer.

Overall, I am so happy to have bought this seemingly random bikini and can only recommend it to anyone. See in advance how I wore it and then buy the suit yourself. I also have more bikinis in my Amazon cart.


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