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Honey Dijon has a statement remix of Lady Gaga & # 39; s "Free Woman" this week and sat down with Zane Lowe to discuss how it all went in an insightful, sweeping interview.

The Chicago-born house DJ and producer released her remix of Lady Gaga's "Free Woman", an excerpt from his Chromatica album that plays off the song's natural club elements, adds a throbbing kick and supporting rhythmic instruments superimposed.

While the remix choice feels like a natural fit, the story of how the project ultimately came about was a bit of a hassle. Honey Dijon told Lowe that she was originally given the opportunity to remix Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande "Rain On Me". Ultimately, she didn't feel like it was the right track for her, but she was still drawn to the idea of ​​remixing Mother Monster and being culturally related to the pop superstar.

"I approach most of the people I work with from a cultural rather than a general perspective," said Honey Dijon. "Because I think to myself, Gaga has always been about the club and the LGTBQI community and she's a staunch supporter of it and most of her music has been influenced by the clubs."

Then the producer sat with the singing "Free Woman" and imagined to equip the song for a multicultural club atmosphere. The end result manifested itself so authentically that the process inspired her to honor the final product Honey Dijon "Realness Remix" as a metaphorical nod to commemorate the diverse club community. She sees the remix as a valuable opportunity to advance the basic sounds of Chicago house to a mainstream audience.

You can now listen to the full interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Music's New Music Daily Radio.


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