HomeKit For IKEA’s Sensible Blinds Will Solely Arrive In 2020


As some of you may know, IKEA has recently launched a number of intelligent blinds. IKEA is not exactly new to the smart home game and one of the selling points of its smart home products is the support of Apple's HomeKit platform. This should be the case with smart blinds, but it looks like owners will have to wait until next year.

This emerges from a tweet from IKEA UK asking when HomeKit support is due Dan, the representative of IKEA UK, replied that it would not arrive until early next year. No specific dates have been mentioned, which means we just have to wait and see when it's released, but we assume it's better late than never.

IKEA had a bit of trouble with its intelligent blinds. The accessory was announced earlier in the year, but was delayed a couple of times during the year when it finally hit the market in October, but even then it wasn't available in all stores. So far, IKEA has been pretty aggressive with its smart home products.

Hello, the HomeKit functionality should be added to the blinds early next year.

Thank you,

– IKEA UK Support (@IKEAUKSupport) December 7, 2019

The company has a variety of smart home products and accessories launched on the market, from smart lightbulbs to smart plugs and smart speakers.

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