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When Drake talked about why he had crushed his beef with Chris Brown, he spilled all of the tea. We have EXCLUSIVELY found out what Chris thinks about Drizzy's revelations and why he feels "blessed" to have Drake back in his life.

"You know, really at the end of the day, when you move away from him and take him down, you feel silly because it's about girls, you know?" Said Drake 33, when he reveled in why he ended his beef with Chris Brown 30. The "girl stuff" was Rihanna 31, as both men have tried to win their hearts over the years. No one really expected these two men to be friends, especially after they were reportedly involved in a fight in 2012, but after they ended their feud last year, the two dropped a song in July. What does it look like when Chris takes on Drake? He "really appreciates what Drake had to say in his interview and feels the same about many of his comments," reports one source HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVE


"Chris is grateful that he is in such a better place with Drake and agrees that they let a woman between them," says the source HollywoodLife "but he understands why it happens That's what insider Chris says, "Her story helped him and Drake become friends as close as they are now, and they're not sure if they would have worked together if they hadn't had their previous beef. You have come a long way and at this point everything is love. "

This "collaboration" led to the aforementioned song "No Guidance". Although it was released this summer, the two things had been fixed in October 2018. Drake also shared pictures of the two together on his Instagram in January, headed "2019 Cookup … Aubreezy."

"It's a blessing for Chris to have Drake on his side," says a second insider HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “Chris has changed a lot for the better over the years, and that's thanks to the father. Being friends with Drake again – working with him and burying the hatchet – is an incredible thing for Chris because he wants to prove that he's a better man. Friendships with previous enemies should show that he is doing better. He looks forward to a great friendship with Drake. He thinks it's best for everyone, and they can learn from each other and help each other when they're much more mature. "

In this interview with Rap Radar, Drake admitted that he "had a moment of hesitation" before working with Chris Brown. He "didn't want her to ever feel disrespected by me as a partner, but I also know how many nights she knows that he and I have both been consumed by the matter." I think she is a good person with a good heart who would prefer to solve this problem rather than being childish, which can end up in a serious situation. So I decided to continue with it. "


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