Google Turkey dispute results in Android apps downside


According to Reuters, a lawsuit between Google and Turkey has some undesirable consequences. According to Google, future Android devices that are being introduced in the country will no longer support Google apps, at least from now on.

Google has sent a message to its Turkish partners regarding the policy update.

"We have told our business partners that we cannot work with them on new Android phones that will be released for the Turkish market," said a statement from Google. “Consumers can purchase existing device models and use their devices and applications normally. The other Google services remain unaffected. “

Google and Turkey are currently negotiating a solution to the problem.

The problem arises from antitrust issues that Turkey raised with Google in September 2018. This year, the country fined Google with 93 million lira (approximately $ 17.4 million) for violating competition law when selling mobile software. Google had six months to solve this problem.

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Google has changed its policy regarding the financial sanction, but apparently did not All Turkey's requirements, including permission for users to change the default search engine on their cell phones, will be fined 0.05% of daily sales in Turkey in the future. This is probably the main reason why Google is ending support for new mobile phones in Turkey.

This cartel problem between Google and Turkey is nothing new to the company. Over the past few years, Google has had a closer look at its competition policy from the European Commission, and regulators here in the United States are reportedly considering similar litigation.


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