Google Giving Free Nest Mini Units For Worldwide YouTube Premium And Music Subscribers


It's not surprising that companies want to integrate you into their ecosystem. This makes sense as it means that you continue to use their products and services and eventually become too dependent to end them. If you're using YouTube Premium or YouTube Music, you may be lucky.

It has been reported that Google appears to be giving away free Nest Mini devices to international subscribers to its YouTube Premium or YouTube Music services. Google has already given products away, so this is not exactly new, but it looks like part of this generosity has spread to international markets.

The reports come from all over the world, for example from Canada. Great Britain, Ireland, France, Norway, Italy, Sweden and Australia to name a few. We're not sure if there are other markets participating in this competition, but there are some that are currently participating.

It’s not that long ago that Google also started rolling out. Some subscriptions for Asia a few months ago indicated that users could finally subscribe to YouTube Premium, which was previously unavailable to them , If you want to see if your account is eligible for the offer, check your status here.

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