Google Assistant will get a personalized alarm based mostly on climate and time – trendzhq


Alarm clocks were one of the most obvious implementations since the introduction of the Smart Screen. Devices like Lenovo's Smart Clock and the Amazon Echo Show 5 have demonstrated some interesting features in bedside form factor, and Google has worked with these features to refine the experience.

This morning, the company introduced a handful of features to refine the experience. "Impromptu" is an interesting innovation in the portfolio that creates a custom alert based on a number of factors including weather and time of day.

That's the sound of a morning awakening at 50 degrees:

Not a bad thing to wake up. Maybe a bit Gershwin-like.

In a blog post released this morning, the alarm sound is based on the company's open source project, Magenta. Google AI describes it like this:

Magenta was started by researchers and engineers from the Google Brain team, but many others contributed significantly to the project. We develop new Deep Learning and Reinforcement learning algorithms to create songs, pictures, drawings and other materials. But it's also about developing intelligent tools and interfaces that artists and musicians can use to enhance their processes. We use TensorFlow and publish our models and tools in open source on our GitHub.

The new feature will be released today.


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