Gervonta Davis Defeats Yuriorkis Gamboa To Stay WBA Light-weight Champion Of The World


TSR Sports: Boxer Gervonta Davis continues to wear his crown as world lightweight champion after defeating Yuriorkis Gamboa.


The highly anticipated fight brought a variety of celebrities to Atlanta to watch the fight for the match.

Even before Gervonta and Gamboa touched the ring, people were ready for this match after the boxers had a little violent argument while weighing up on Friday. You can see how it went on below:

Gervonta entered the fight in his corner with much support from celebrities. Rapper Casanova recorded how he warmed up for the fight while Lil Baby played the introductory song as they went out to fight.

During the fight, Gervonta dropped Gamboa three times and defeated him in the 12th round of TKO. The last moments of the fight can be seen below:

Currently Gervonta Davis has successfully defended his title. Roommate, who do you think should challenge Gervonta next? Let us know.

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