Future’s Girlfriend, Lori Harvey, Wears Over The High Robe To Go Christmas Buying In New Images Whereas Reminding The World That Meek Mill Was In Her


Lori Harvey knows how to get her followers' attention on social media because the model recently shared two stunning photos on her Instagram that went viral.

Steve Harvey's stepdaughter was just about to buy Christmas presents, as she noted in the caption of one of the pictures.

She wrote: "Do Christmas shopping … what's on your wish list?"

One person said: "White is stunning for you, darling! “It should start with condoms… Merry Christmas. I put Lori Harvey on my wish list. "

This social media user claimed: "She knows that she is bad. Sour friends with the little mother and girlfriend, there is a lot going on. "

Another Instagrammer said: "Obviously, everyone will answer you: Go shopping meekly because he had you on his wish list. I have Lori Harvey on my wish list !! "

This joker wrote: "Shoot me, I want Lori Harvey on my wish list."

Apparently, the 22-year-old model was also looking forward to the upcoming festivities because she was dressed in white for the occasion.

Harvey looked particularly glamorous in an elegant, strapless white dress that reached to the ankles.

She combined her dress with a small round Chanel clutch in the same color. For accessories, the model opted for a sparkling diamond chain with two bracelets and rings, all of which were covered with precious stones.

Harvey recently made the news with her tumultuous love life. The young Internet personality was said to have been with singer Trey Songz before moving on to P. Diddy's son, 25-year-old Justin Combs.

The model did not stop here, however, because it was said to be later associated with P. Diddy himself, despite the age difference of over 20 years.

Lori is currently in a relationship with rapper Future and the two are reported to be living together.

And while Harvey has been reporting on social media lately, her boyfriend has been involved in two separate lawsuits when he is fighting the accusations of two women, Eliza Reign and Cindy Parker, that he had two new children.


So far, the rapper is the father of 6 children from 5 different women, one of whom is the singer Ciara, who is now married to the NFL superstar Russell Wilson.

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