Future Apple Watch Might Observe Parkinson’s Illness


The Apple Watch can detect many things, such as detecting a user fall or an irregular heartbeat, and it appears that it may contain sensors in the future recognize whether a person has symptoms and signs that they have Parkinson's or a health problem associated with tremors.

This is based on a recently discovered patent that describes how the Apple Watch could be used to detect motion, and this motion is then further analyzed on the device itself using the Unified Parkinson Disease Rating Scale. The positive thing about this system is that it allows the wearer to follow up all day and the resulting data can also be useful for physicians who can extrapolate this data to determine the amount and type of medication to be administered.

The patent description states: “A patient's quality of life depends to a large extent on how precisely doctors titrate and plan the patient's medication in order to minimize the patient's symptoms. This is a challenge for doctors because each patient has a different combination of symptoms that can change over time and become more serious. In addition, symptoms can fluctuate on a given day due to medication, food intake, sleep, stress, physical activity, etc. “

While it is notoriously difficult for patents to determine if they could become a reality in 2018, Apple actually made its debut with a movement disorder API that would also help monitor Parkinson's. We are not sure whether this patent is an extension of it or something completely different.

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