Former Spice Ladies Member Mel B Not too long ago Served Three Lawsuits Whereas At A Los Angeles Resort


Former Spice Girls member Mel B had an unexpected surprise for which she was definitely not here. At a local hotel in Los Angeles, she was served three, rather than one, two lawsuits – and the whole situation was filmed and posted on social media.

According to reports, one of Mel B.'s ex-beast Gary Madatyan's lawsuits alleges that she was "used and abused" by her. Previously, he accused her of refusing to return the $ 200,000 she took from him and was not paying him properly during her two-year job.

Madatyan filed a lawsuit against Mel B in September 2019, claiming that her personal doctor wanted him to "lie" to the Los Angeles District Child and Family Office, like Mel B's ex-husband Stephan Belafonte , with the children of the former couple. Another lawsuit is reportedly filed by her former lawyers. It is currently not clear what the third complaint is about.

Mel B is currently in a violent and ongoing custody battle with her ex-husband Stephen Belafonte, whom she divorced in 2018. This month, a judge refused to allow Mel B to follow her daughter Madison for Christmas Bring England after hearing that the eight-year-old was "traumatized" by her mother the last time she was in Britain

After the judgment, Belafonte was very pleased with the judge's decision. He said, "I am very happy that Madison will spend Christmas with me here in Los Angeles. It will be something special – but then every day is something special for my daughter. “

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