Following Her Rehab Departure Amanda Bynes Was Noticed Having A ‘Tense’ Dialog With Her Attorneys


Amanda Bynes, the former Nickelodeon star, continues with her life and claims several reports. Entertainment Tonight announced earlier this month that Amanda had left a sober facility. The starlet is reported to live with her mother and father until she finds a new home.

Amanda and her family, including the prosecutor, went to court on Thursday to discuss whether moving to a new home after leaving the health center was acceptable.

Another source at ET claimed that Bynes was happy with her current life because she and her family had a great relationship despite their previous arguments. Amanda was released from her sober home in June to graduate from a California design school.

Amanda attended the design school for the first time in late 2014. According to school officials, she booted her off-campus to fight with classmates, but in 2017 she was on her way to graduation. And in 2019, Amanda checked into a psychiatric facility for stress and exhaustion.

During a conversation with Paper Magazine earlier this year, Bynes admitted that drugs played a major role in their spending at the beginning of the decade. However, she has been alcohol and drug free for the past four years. The star told the magazine that the days of playing around with substances were long gone.

Amanda told the sales outlet that she was ashamed of the way drugs triggered her deed. The Easy-A-Star said it was almost as if an "alien" had entered her body and caused her to behave very differently.

trendzhq earlier today imagined the 33-year-old star having a conversation with her lawyers in front of the courthouse on December 12. In the photo you could see Amanda smoking cigarettes and wearing her new pink hairstyle.


Amanda showed off her pink hairstyle for the first time on September 10th with her Instagram account. It was the first time in months that she had posted something.

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