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Hailey Baldwin's Instagram is filled with editorial footage from her modeling work, so it was a change to see mirror selfies on her grid. The selfies offered a new perspective on the model, and their followers (including Billy Baldwin) loved them!

New decade, new Hailey Baldwin ? The 23-year-old replayed her usual bare facial expression in a couple of mirror selfies shared on Instagram on December 20 after a day on the set! "The work for 2019 is almost done. I can't believe how fast it has passed! READY for 2020," Hailey said in her caption, greeting Jadelle Beverly Hills who provided her gold necklace in the picture. Thanks with a bare, smoky eye, shiny lips and a generous use of blush and contour, Hailey looked a little different than usual on occasional day trips in Los Angeles, while the editorial queen always looks gorgeous, her followers also loved this change!

"Wow … this is such a beautiful picture!", Enthused Hailey's uncle, Billy Baldwin in the comment section. Stars like Shanina Shaik who wrote "Hottie !!" joined him, and Tammy Hembrow who commented: "😍😍 Uhh." The reaction was similar in the comments below. with compliments like "wow" and "you are breathtaking".

One day before Hailey surprised fans with her latest selfies, she may have surprised some people when she went to church with Scooter Braun with her husband Justin Bieber , Scooter had just been called by Taylor Swift (19459004) (19459005), 30, when she accepted her Woman of the Decade award at the 2019 Billboard Women in Music event on December 12th. It wasn't the first time that the pop star appeared. The celebrity manager was thrilled when she acquired the rights to her first six albums in June by buying her former record label Big Machine Label Group. However, Taylor didn't really hold back that time when she got in the way of Scooter's "toxic male privilege". It seems that Hailey disagrees with this description, judging by her choice among church mates!

Despite Hailey's friendship with Scooter, she also showed an act of kindness towards Taylor by declaring that her "Christmas present from the universe" was the release of Cats. Yes, the same film adaptation of the classic musical in which Taylor plays the leading role! It was interesting words that Hailey shared on December 18, taking into account all of the musical drama that has evolved – do you leave the past in 2020?


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