Fizz Throws Apryl Jones An Intimate Birthday Lunch With Her Youngsters


Despite the disapproval of the general public, friends and former group members, Fizz and Apryl Jones are still out here with their relationship. After Fizz had less than a happy birthday last month, on the same day that Omarion announced the new lineup for the Millennium Tour without him and B2K, he showed his love to Apryl on her birthday with an intimate lunch.

We am confident that Fizz & # 39; 34. Birthday is a birthday that he will never forget, since not many people can say that they were fired on their day off … on their birthday. Nevertheless, his mood has obviously improved since he recently decided to give his girlfriend Apryl Jones a small birthday dinner for her 33rd birthday.

Based on the photos and videos that were posted on social media, this was the only other Apryls two children were present with Papa Omarion, Fizz & # 39; son with Mama Moniece Slaughter and some Family members and friends.

The celebration is exactly the opposite of what the couple has experienced recently "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood" reunion. As the audience saw in the first episode, Apryl and Fizz were beaten up by several actors because of their controversial and often criticized relationship.

At first glance for the upcoming second part of the reunification, it gets even more intense since both Apryl and Fizz are facing difficult questions regarding their relationship – since practically none of the performers are there for it.

Roommate, how do you feel about it?

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