Fizz Alludes To Wanting Moniece To Giving Him Full Custody Of Their Son Due To Her Psychological Well being


Puh! Moniece Slaughter and Fizz really had a relationship full of ups and downs, but regardless of that, they will be FOREVA in each other's lives!

Lately, Fizz and Moniece have had a relationship with Apryl Jones, who happens to be the ex- and baby mom of his former group member Omarion due to his development on the track.

At first it was felt that Moniece had a problem with the relationship between Fizz and Apryl. Now the story seems to be shifting in favor of Moniece.

During the second part of the Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood reunion, things got heated between Cameron's parents, who began to argue about custody of their son.

While Moniece is walking back and forth with her young father, she says that she is not dealing with Apryl and Fizz, but with the question of how Fizz remedies her psychological problems and refuses to help her in times of Need to help.

"You have to step in as the person who fucked me and made me pregnant and who supported a baby because I don't feel right," she says. "I'm not asking you to take care of me, I just really needed support for the baby. So don't sit here and keep lying down when I say I'm emotionally in a bad room."

Moniece goes on to say that Fizz is part of the problem and is not there to support her when it comes to her son, but the story of Fizz is very different, in his view he only enables Monieces "behavior" and him she even asks her to give up her responsibility for full custody.

Be fully responsible for not being mentally correct and that you cannot be a parent in your weeks. You want me to take our child with me ” , says Fizz.

Hopefully Moniece and Fizz can work things out for Cameron's sake!

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