Finest Haircut for Lengthy Faces In keeping with Alexa’s Hairdresser


George Northwood and Elinor Block on a Zoom call

Days before I decided to edit, I spoke to George about Zoom. I quickly gave him the facts: I haven't had a haircut in over six months, I wanted to go short, but how short could I go? The reason I asked about short hair was because I didn't know when I would have another chance to get my haircut (hello, second wave) and I couldn't stand my hair getting this long again.

"After the lockdown, everyone is desperate for a big change," says George. "To get the look you are looking for, you need to think about what you want to achieve and the different proportions."

For me, George suggested that I can take a quick walk and even take it up to my jaw if I want, since my face is longer than I realize. So if you shorten the length, my face doesn't look too round (which I personally didn't want it to be). He also says, "If you don't want more width for your face [if your face is round] then don't take a shorter bob and hold it for as long as that helps lengthen your face."

Ultimately, I learn that the point is to figure out which look you prefer and then work out the length and shape from there. George also told me about hard and soft facial features that can also affect the length of your hair and the length of your hair. For example, the beautiful Sarah Jessica Parker has a long face, but she arguably has tougher features so she opts for longer, wavy hair to soften her features. While Halle Berry has beautifully soft properties and is suitable for a really short harvest.

He also follows the rule: "The more height you have on top and the thinner the hair, the thinner the face," he says. There are also features that people want to prioritize, so they may opt for a full-blown rim to highlight the cheekbones.

Below you can see my before and after looks. Then scroll down to see my favorite hair products.


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