Eva Marcille’s Newest Photographs With Her Two Boys Have Followers Saying She Did All The Work On Mikey, And Her Husband, On Maverick


Eva Marcille shared some new pictures with her two sons on her social media account, and the kids couldn't be more charming than them. Check out the photos below and see why her fans and followers say Mikey looks just like she and her other boy. Maverick is a partnership with his father.

A fan said: "Looks like you did all the work on Mikey and your husband did the work on Maverick! You both did a great job! You are beautiful! "

A follower posted this: & # 39; Eva, you just made your husband about girls, this baby has a scary dad face. & # 39;

Someone else said, "Maverick is a chunky little guy who only sees Mike while Mikey is your twin."

Another commentator wrote: "The baby looks exactly like his father Jesus!" And one fan wrote, "That's scary how Maverick looks like your husband!" These are some serious dominant genes !! "

A follower said: "It's so funny that all the beautiful women on the show had babies who look exactly like the fathers, lol."

A few days ago it became known that Eva's relationship with Kevin McCall does not exist, even when it comes to parenting.

Her husband, Michael Sterling, raised the daughter she shared with McCall, and she wouldn't be any different.


Mike recently gave his stepdaughter a heart-warming homage that managed to impress fans.

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