Episode 431: TDO After Hours # 1, with Vanessa Blakeslee


Episode 431: TDO After Hours # 1, with Vanessa Blakeslee

Episode 431 for the Drunken Odyssey, your favorite podcast about imaginative writing and literary works can be acquired on Apple podcasts, stitcher, spotify, or just click here to stream (right click to down load, if that’s your thing).

In this week’s show, Vanessa Blakeslee and I also discuss two pieces that are online the main topic of sex writing, while the discussion roves after that.


Lorin Stein’s “Why Talk About Sex? ” in The Paris Review.

Vanessa Blakeslee’s “The Fetish” within the Paris Review.

“Another Saturday evening with Mr. Fun” are available in this anthology.


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Episode 431 regarding the Drunken Odyssey, your favorite podcast about innovative writing and literary works can be acquired on Apple podcasts, stitcher, spotify, or follow this link to stream (right click to down load, if that’s your thing).

The Diaries of A sozzled scribbler #14

01 Aug 2020 saturday

The Diaries of A sozzled scribbler #14

Transcribed by DMETRI KAKMI

1 2020 august

Imagine whom we stumbled on while prowling in Melbourne’s Fitzroy Gardens? None apart from Charles Baudelaire.

‘Charlie, my dear fellow, ’ we cried. ‘ we was thinking you’re dead. ’

‘I am, ’ quoth he. ‘That’s why I’m here. ’

‘Well said, ’ had been my jolly rejoinder. ‘Only those who’ve turned their backs on life have a home in Melbourne. ’

We laughed. Charles delivered a hearty slap to my straight straight back, and I also very nearly plummeted right into a hydrangea bush, from where four males https://www.camsloveaholics.com/female/redhead emerged, pulling up their jeans.

‘Regardez, Charlie, ’ I said. ‘Ta fleurs du mal. ’

‘They are anges de debauche inside their natural habitat, ’ pronounced my buddy. ‘What will you be doing right here, old booze coach? ’

‘I’m awaiting Olivia De Havilland, ’ I admitted, ‘She passed away and I’m interviewing her about life on the other hand. ’

‘What fun. Mind you business? If I keep’

‘Not at all, dear chap. Why don’t we spend time and await the august woman. ’

We sat on work bench and waited. It absolutely was a day that is grey. Scarcely anybody had been away. The chill winds that prowled the park’s avenues had been an breathing from Hades’ lips. Charlie caused a container of white rum to materialise away from his pocket and we also passed it you understand between us—to keep warm.

Charlie spake hence.

‘Whom can you choose, your mom, your dad, your sis or your cousin? ’

He had been in just one of those emotions. You can only play along.

‘I do not have dad, nor mom, nor sibling, nor cousin, ’ said I, engaging in the character. ‘A hatchling am we from Quetzalcoatl ’s egg—the serpent that is flying who all nature’s rejects claim lineage. ’

‘Frauds, felons, fiends and faggots all! We abhor the really term. ’

‘I’m sure maybe not under which lassitude it resides—the land for the Lotus-eaters! ’

‘What is beauty however a crapulous inebriate looking for the moon within the gutter? ’

‘So, exactly exactly what do you really love, oh hammered stranger? ’

‘Everyone loves Methylenedioxymethamphetamine… MDMA, ecstasy, molly, call it everything you will…tis rapture, tis bliss… les merveilleux etoiles! ’

We cackled and gazed fondly at each and every other. Maybe I ought to convey at this juncture that Charlie and I also return back a way that is long. We had been created round comparable some time even decided to go to the school that is same. He in Paris, 1821, and I also in Athens, the exact same 12 months. We became fast friends in the Lycee Louis-le-Grand, he learning legislation, of most things, and me idleness. He instead negligently used residence that is permanent the Cimetiere du Montparnasse not fifty years later on, while we persist.

‘How do you really do it? ’ Charles said, switching upon me personally a face that is tearstained of beatitude. Always gets maudlin after having a drinks that are few.

‘How do I do exactly just just what? ’

‘Sold my soul to Beelzebub. ’

‘Ah, you went ahead with this deal. ’

‘Yes, ’ I said. ‘A soul just gets when it comes to a great time. ’

‘True, ’ muttered my pal, chugging rum. ‘If only I had been as smart. ’

We had been interrupted by feminine tones that are dulcet. It had been Olivia De Havilland, the screen gem that is last. The elegant woman sauntered over the great yard, appearing like Spring ’ s seraph incarnate.

‘Yoo-hoo, there you may be, you naughty child! ’

‘Livvy, darling, ’ we said, increasing and using the dainty digit that is preferred. ‘You look fabulous for a person who is really a corpse. ’

Her radiant look lit up the whole world. I put a kerchief from the work work bench and Livvy lowered her cultivated posterior on it; i’ll be certain to offer it on e-bay. (The kerchief, maybe not her bum. ) The seraph whom organised the interview explained the dead enjoy ten to 15 minutes one of the living. I had making it fast. After launching Livvy to Charlie, I got right down to business.

‘Livvy, ’ I said. ‘Your adoring fans are waiting to learn what it is like on the reverse side. ’

Livvy crossed one leg that is stockinged one other, pulled her Balenciaga mink snugly around her, and lifted the veil on a concern who has baffled philosophers and necromancers on the hundreds of years.

‘Why, it is like a good big hotel. ’

‘A resort? ’ Charlie and I also cried, horrified.

‘Yes. A variety of The Ritz Paris plus the Chelsea in ny. The greater it becomes up you go the more grand. The lower down, the more scungy, to utilize an Australian idiom. ’

She will need to have seen our expressions of dissatisfaction for she included: ‘It’s actually extremely pleasant and extremely well maintained. Certainly you’ve seen it, Charles? ’

Charlie shook their mind, more despondent than ever before.

‘The crimson dawn has blotted out of the religious skies pour moi, ma chere madame. I need to wander with wide-open eyes in Elysian areas, phantom-like, closed out of the sun that is immortal a lucid, pure, being whose only objective would be to record the le voyage des damnes. ’

Livvy and I also seemed piteously at him.

‘No God? ’ we believed to her.

‘Not that I’ve seen. Though i really do think my maid is a goddess. ’

‘No heaven or hell? ’

Livvy contemplated the piercing question.

‘You know, ’ she stated in fun time, ‘in my opinion there could be a demarcation of some type. We, by way of example, must dwell in some sort of paradise because my dear buddy Bette Davis features a suite from the floor that is same and Errol Flynn is over the hallway. ’

‘Ah! ’ I cried, pointing a revelatory finger to your skies.

‘And…’ Livvy went on, ‘my goody-two-shoes cousin Joan Fontaine is seven floors below with James Stewart and Ethel Merman. That have to undoubtedly represent hell. ’

Our laughed rose into the heavens because, quite instantly, Livvy proclaimed it absolutely was time and energy to get.

‘One more question, ’ we stated.

‘Is it real about Errol Flynn? ’

‘Is just just what true, darling? ’

‘That he has…you know… a big…’

Livvy’s face lit up like a lot of radiant suns.

‘I’m not merely one to share with stories away from school, ’ she said, sotto voce, ‘but allow me to state that today’s ladies lack the one thing. ’

‘An admiration of a large difficult cock. ’

With that, Livvy shot to her foot. It had been time and energy to come back to the fantastic big Ritz resort in the sky. Coming across the opportunity had been a man’s shadow at their foot. It found Livvy along with its beak and vanished within the clouds.

‘Come home, ’ we said to Charlie. ‘I’ll make you an Old Fashioned. ’

‘So very very very long as you retain both hands to yourself, ’ he mumbled, increasing unsteadily to their legs.

‘As if I’d touch you, syphilitic old boot. ’

Until next we meet. Cheerio!


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