Eddie Murphy To Obtain The Lifetime Achievement Award At The Critics’ Selection Awards


There is no doubt that Eddie Murphy is a living legend and he will soon be recognized for the amazing career he has had so far.

According to the deadline, Eddie Murphy was announced as the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award for the upcoming Critics & # 39; Choice Awards. The Critics & # 39; Choice Association also found that Eddie is "the most commercially successful African American actor in the history of the film business and one of the top five box office performers".

He recently returned to Saturday Night Live for the first time in 35 years, repeating some of his legendary roles such as Velvet Jones, Buckwheat and Gumby. His appearance gave the show the highest ratings in the past 2½ years.

In addition to being honored at this year's award ceremony, he was recognized for his portrayal of Rudy Ray Moore in Netflix & # 39; "Dolemite Is My Name. “

Many fans are also looking forward to some of his upcoming projects. Earlier this year, he repeated his role as Prince Akeem in the sequel to the classic "Coming To America," which is expected to be canceled in 2020.

Source : https://deadline.com/2019/12/eddie-murphy-critics-choice-awards-lifetime-achievement-award-saturday- night-live-dolemite- is-my-name-1202818553 /

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