Dwyane Wade Speaks On Empowering His Son In Regards To His Sexuality


The Wade family is one of the most famous black celebrity families we know and love. Dwyane Wade's primary goal as a father is to make sure that his children have a sense of who they are and that they are confident!

In an interview with the guys from the & # 39; All The Smoke & # 39; podcast Dwyane Wade talks about the love he has for his wife Gabrielle Union-Wade and all his children. He speaks specifically about his son Zion, who is openly gay and very proud of it.

Regarding Zion, Dwyane says he is a very brave child and he and Gab are very proud of who he is, despite public criticism.

"You talk about strength and courage, my 12-year-old has a lot more than I do," he says. "You can learn something from your children. But our household is about making sure that each of us sees our children. We make sure that our children understand the power in their voice. We want you to be whoever you want to be in this world. “

As you may all remember, Zion has been the target of many hateful comments after D.Wade and Gab posted family photos of him wearing crop tops and even wearing long nails. To the dissatisfaction of many people, the Wades very much accept Zion and who he wants to be.

D.Wade says that he has not yet allowed Zion to defend himself from the world, and as a father, he feels it is his duty to do so and to be a voice for everyone who is with the Embrace his true self. He also has a message to all people who insist that something is wrong with children who are different.

"It is not the children who have the problem," he says. "You don't decide that they're born in a certain way and that's the way they have to be. It's not life. I've seen my son become that from day one in that she is coming in. For me nothing changes with my love. "

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