Drake Speaks On The Sort Of Girl He Wants In Order To Lastly Settle Down


On Christmas Day, Drake fans received a surprise gift in the form of a long, two-hour interview with the Rap Radar podcast. In the interview, Drizzy discusses pretty much everything, including his Pusha T feud, which works with Rihanna and Chris Brown, is booed at Camp Flog Gnaw – and finally the details of what he's looking for before settling down.

For many of Drake's fans, they dream of possibly being the woman of his dreams, and luckily, he has only revealed what it takes to officially win his heart and finally get him out of the hen game. Drake, 33, admitted that he still hasn't found a woman who embodies everything he's looking for … but he's come close in the past.

He said this about the future special woman in his life:

“I love my space, I love my work and I love my routine. And for me to break it up for someone, it would just have to be a very special person who fits into this puzzle and supports the things that I do. Must be someone who has a taste for music. It has to be someone I get along with so well that I feel like I can't work properly without her when we are separated. "

Drake continued, adding:

" I came across it a couple of times, I still have to be able to hold onto it, for whatever reason. I am the captain of a ship and I look behind me and see a lot of people on board. Full steam ahead. That's exactly how I have to keep rocking now. Hopefully I can find someone who is just at the wheel next to me and helps me steer as we continue the journey instead of having to drive past because that person gets seasick. “

Drake's admission of the relationship comes on the heels of persistent rumors that he is secretly dating Kylie Jenner, who recently ended her relationship with Baby Daddy and Drake's bestie Travis Scott.

Roommate, how do you feel about it?

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