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Ladies, listen! Drake just revealed in his most open interview what we want in a serious relationship. And Drake-style dropped an unconscious monoloquium when he explained what it takes to win his heart.

Drake is looking for a specific woman as the co-captain of his ship called Leben. The "war" rapper, 33, revealed what he was looking for in a woman he could finally come to terms with – something that confirms that he hasn't found it yet, although he has discovered some women who are close to him came. In a new two-hour interview in the rap radar podcast that was released about Christmas on Tidal, Drizzy went into everything from romance to new and old music to his feud with Pusha-T and . Kanye West who was booed at Camp Flog Gnaw and more.

At the end of the interview – two hours and 12 minutes after the interview – Drake is asked if he is considered "hopelessly romantic", as he explains in his song "Marvin & # 39; s Room". He admits that he only uses this line because people keep telling him, "You can't be alone forever."

Drake explains: “You look behind the scenes of some people's relationships and they're not as peachy as they seem. That was my shot at someone who said, 'Oh, you should have settled down now. & # 39; "

What is he looking for in a woman he wants to settle with? – "I love my space, I love my work and I love my routine," he says and explains, "and for me to interrupt that for someone, it would just have to be a very special person who fits into this puzzle, and that is it supportive of the things I do, have to be someone who has a taste for music, have to be someone I get along with so well that if we separate, I feel like I won't work properly without their presence can.

The Toronto native continues to explain that he was close to one, but nothing ever seemed to last.

"I came across it a couple of times, I still have to hold onto it for whatever reason," he admits. "I am the captain of a ship and I look behind me and see a lot of people on board. Full steam ahead. That's exactly how I have to keep rocking," Drake continues. "Hopefully I can find someone who is just at the wheel next to me and helps me to steer while we continue the journey and not that I have to drive past because this person gets seasick. "


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