DJI’s Subsequent Product May Be An RC Automotive With A Digicam Mount


DJI is a company mainly known for its drones with mounted cameras. However, it seems that DJI might consider grounding yourself next. In a recently discovered patent, it looks like DJI could try to launch a ground-based product in the form of a remote-controlled car.

According to the patent, this indicates that it could be a car with wheels that can be rotated through 360 degrees to make manipulation and driving easier, especially in places with little space. A possible camera mount that is separate from the wheels of the car is also mentioned. If the car is driving on a bumpy road, camera shake is reduced.

In essence, it would double as a stabilizer so that the camera mounted in the car can capture blurry or blurred footage. It's interesting to see that DJI might consider ground-based robots as the company is primarily known for its drones, but it's not exactly the most outrageous thing we've heard of.

Apart from that, unfortunately due to the fact that it is a patent, it is not clear whether DJI will actually implement it. The company has investigated products that have nothing to do with drones, such as: B. Action cameras and camera mounts. So it would not be hard to believe that they could eventually launch such a product, but we will have to wait and see.

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