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Demi Lovato asked a fan to "pray" rather than "seek" Austin Wilson when she informed the person about their separation from the tattooed part on Instagram.

Demi Lovato 27, tells of her separation from her boyfriend Austin Wilson and ensures that she is friendly. The singer recently sent some direct messages to a fan on Instagram, in which she not only defended her ex-love, but also seemed to reveal that they had a “hard” time separating. "Please don't go after him. He's a good guy. Much better than what people see from the outside just because he has a lot of tattoos," was her first message.

“Separations are difficult for both parties. Just stay nice and say prayers, ”she continued with her second message.

Demi's private, but not so private, confirmation of her separation from Austin is after the former Lovebirds deleted professional photos they put on their Instagram pages. In the pictures taken by photographer Angelo Kritikos Demi and Austin can be seen with their arms around each other as they flaunt black lingerie with a red rose and he walks without a shirt. "My girlfriend is hot AF," Austin labeled the striking picture. Angelo also shared photos of just Demi from the shoot and she can be seen in a black blazer over her lingerie and matching black eyeshadow. "My baddie," he wrote one of the amazing snapshots.

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